At Avroy Shlain, we believe in being Beautifully African. It’s a message we’ve been sharing all year, in all our communications and we’ve encouraged both our customers and our Salesforce to embrace their own unique African beauty. But what do we mean by this?

What does it mean to be Beautifully African?

Being Beautifully African is more than a title

To us, there’s more to being African than just what it says on your passport – it’s more than a category, it’s an expression of being, a soul-deep feeling; it’s a willingness to embrace what makes you uniquely, beautifully you.

If that’s what it is to be African, then being Beautifully African is about being free in your own expression of beauty. It’s about redefining beauty rather than forcing yourself into someone else’s definition.

There is no single example; the African Beauty could be a mother, a daughter, a sister. All that is certain is that, above all, she’s a Queen – an authentic Goddess.

She is the pride of her community, and her heartbeat is the rhythm to which the continent dances.

Her eyes are alight with the True Beauty that shines from within; the confidence she shares with, and spreads, to all who bask in her presence.

Let your Beautifully African light shine with Avroy Shlain

Avroy Shlain has always believed that True Beauty Shines from within. It’s an inner light that you nurture in yourself and share with the world.

The Beautifully African concept supports this, and as the world turns to Africa for aesthetic inspiration, it is the Beautifully African woman – embracing the vibrant spirit and bold colours of the continent – that becomes the source of this inspiration.

And it is Avroy Shlain that will locally produce the colourful cosmetics, soothing skincare products, and bold fragrances that capture and enhance the beauty that you are.

Because the answer to the question “What is Beautifully Africa?” is that, with Avroy Shlain, you are.

Be the Beautifully African goddess you know you are, and browse our latest brochure for fantastic specials on products developed to highlight your natural beauty and enhance your inner light. Or, if you want to be a part of spreading a positive, self-affirming message, Join Avroy Shlain and become a part of our nationwide salesforce of self-empowered and financially independent Beauty Advisors.






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